COMPOSTING & WORM FARMS FOR KIDS: Get kids excited about compost and recycling. What can and can’t be used to create it and what it is used for after it is made. The life cycle of organic matter is discussed with diagrams, props  and rhymes so children gain a real life skills to put it into action. Kid friendly biological worm facts are always entertaining whilst viewing worms under a magnifying glass provide much excitement.  A fun workshop full of facts with hands on learning as we create a working system in your place of care.

This workshop is ideally suited to Autumn and Winter months as it is cooler and provides time to establish a working system so that the bi-products can be used in your vegetable gardens for Spring plantings.

All materials are supplied. If you require a worm farm or worms please let us know or alternatively ask around, you may be able to get your hands on one that isn’t being used.

SEASON – AUTUMN WINTER provide the best weather conditions to set up a worm farm. It also allows time for your new farm to settle and produce output to be used in your SPRING and SUMMER vegetable gardens.



EDIBLE SEED PLANTING FOR KIDS: Hands on learning always creates a sense of achievement and when it is done  in the form of growing their own food it is even better. Using recycled pots, kids pot an edible seed to take home, nurture, grow and harvest. Learning facts about seeds and the life cycle of plants, germination, plant care,  makes it easy stuff for little gardeners’ to grasp the basics of growing their own food.

All materials are supplied.



SEED BOMB MAKING: kids and adults love getting mud in between their fingers & this is a guaranteed activity of fun! Watch or join in as we dive into the therapeutic connection with earth and use our fine motor skills to create seed bombs – little balls of organic matter filled with plant seeds. Take them home and fling into your garden and watch as the little creations bloom to life to create a beautiful herb or flower garden.

All materials are supplied.




NATURE CROWNS & WANDS FOR KIDS: Finding magic in a garden is something everyone can do but when it is done with hand crafted nature crowns and magic wands it is even better!  let their imaginations go wild as they explore the garden and collect all the materials needed to create their very own nature crown and magic nature wand. Parents have a great time joining in with their child too.

All materials are supplied.

SEASON – ALL AUTUMN being the most fun



BUG SAFARI: connecting with little creatures: Bugs, Critters, lizards, beetles which ever little critter it is that gets them excited about nurturing nature! This  workshop allows kids to get up close and personal with all sorts of garden creatures using a magnifying glass. Artworks are created and discussions about bugs, beetles and insects will keep their senses alive to the facts about the world underneath their feet.

All materials are supplied.

SEASON – ALL Spring being the most productive time



NATURE CRAFTS: Leaves, petals, stick, grasses and all sorts of found objects make great mediums for kids to play with. Leaves become dinosaur tails, grasses become braids of hair and petals resemble flushed cheeks. A dance around the garden to find what ever interests them is bought back to the nature table and added to a collection of interesting textures and fragrant finds – its time to let their imaginations go and create nature inspired crafts to take home. This workshop is a great time-out creative process for adults to connect with nature and all its elements.

All materials are supplied.



EDIBLE FOOD GARDEN: there is nothing more exciting than eating fruit and vegetables you have grown. Growing food with kids in their early years has the ability to create a mindset about food that will stay with them for years to come. Where food comes from and how it is grown is a learning experience that every child will enjoy.

Contact us for a personal quote to build, re-furbish or plant an edible food garden at your place.




Workshop Information:

Workshops run for 1- 2 hours. This allows plenty of time for the activity to take place and for free range play and reflection.

To ensure materials are adequate for the number of participants, customizing your time with us is  a great idea. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements to get the best from  your venue space and time.

Kinder, Pre-School, Primary School and Day Care Incursions are run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10-3pm.

All workshops are adult friendly & in most cases find adults having lots of fun with the kids. We encourage all activities to take place outdoors. Protective gloves and aprons are supplied. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or supervising teacher.

We are more than happy to come and facilitate the activities at your place of care or ours – every day in the dirt teaching, growing & learning is fun.