I wanted to reach out to let you know how much my daughter Kailani is enjoying gardening club. I work full time so only get a peak into her school life based on what she talks about at home and without fail she mentions gardening club as a highlight of her day. When I asked if she wanted to do it again next term there was no hesitation. I think it’s wonderful that she has the opportunity through school. Many thanks, Nicole


Today the Preschool had a visit from Jade and Amy.  They talked to the children about vegetable plants and planting.  They gave the children a jar with beans in it for the children to watch grow over the coming weeks.  They then took the children outside and helped them plant vegetables in the vegetable garden.  The children planted purple carrots, lettuce, beans, snow peas, boc choy and flowers.  The children really enjoyed this visit.

Jane Matthys
4yo Teacher
Bonbeach Pre-School