Growing Green Thumbs aim to excite and educate your students about their environment. We teach them how to reduce their carbon footprint in an age / stage appropriate manner, tailored for your unique environment.

Seasonal workshops will inspire your students to make a positive impact on their environment. We can show how to compost, worm farm, manage waste, conserve water, grow organic food and connect to nature – all at your venue.

Your students, and our environment, are what we are about! We conduct one off incursions, as well as a more sustained program running across a term or year.

We help you meet:

  • Quality Area 3, Element 3.2.3 of the National Quality Framework (February 2018) – ‘The service cares for the environment and supports children to become environmentally responsible’,
  • Quality Area 6, Element 6.2.3 of the National Quality Framework (February 2018) – ‘The service builds relationships and engages with its community’.

_The Growing Greenthumbs program is the very best way to plant the seed of sustainability with the generation that will need it the most. Stimulating the minds and hands of very young children to empower th.png

See below for all program information.

For more information regarding incursions and pricing please contact us and we’ll send you a brochure.



LITTLE WRIGGLERS WORM FARMING  A hands-on, sing-along workshop that will get your students excited about composting and worm farming. We learn all about worms and how to decrease our environmental impact by recycling organic waste. Duration: 1 hour



GARDEN GURUS  There is nothing quite like eating fresh peas or carrots that you have grown yourself. In this session, your students are provided with everything they need to create a child friendly, organic, edible garden.
We will get straight into it! The students will get grubby as we guide them how to plant seedlings and seeds. They will learn how to minimize water use, learn some secret tips for growing healthy, seasonal produce as well as how to harvest appropriately.  Duration: 1-2 hours



WASTE WARRIORS A hands-on session that will get your students excited about waste management, recycling and water conservation. Your new ‘Waste Warriors’ will participate in a game of waste that will encourage them to be mindful about their environment. They will learn about soft and hard plastic recycling, as well as organic waste. We audit your current waste management system for ongoing use. This session is the perfect accompaniment to our ‘Little Wrigglers Worm Farming’ session. Duration: 1 hour



VEGETABLE GARDEN BED CONSULTATION – FREE! We highly recommend a review of your garden beds 2 weeks before the GARDEN GURUS session. It is vital that the soil and beds are in great condition so as to gain the best possible learning outcomes for your students’ planting session. This consultation is free of charge. If required, we will provide a quote that will cost any materials and labor to bring your garden bed back to life!



NATURE DETECTIVES  Bugs, critters, lizards, beetles! We will investigate any little critter that gets students excited about caring for the environment! This incursion allows your students to get up close and personal with all sorts of garden creatures and fallen litter using a magnifying glass. A bug hotel will be installed in the garden. This will lead to rich discussions about bugs and beetles. There is a whole world beneath their feet. Each student will make his or her own mini bug hotel to take home. Duration: 1-2 hours



WORM FARM SET UP An essential lesson in worm farming for teachers and staff. Once your staff know all there is to know about worms and waste, we get busy and establish a working worm farm. We build layers of organic waste to create a thriving worm farm. We establish waste management systems; learn what can and can’t be added and what to do with the valuable resource – compost! Duration: 30minutes


We provide valuable lessons in sustainability for early learning, primary schools and the wider community. We are recognized for our work in the garden and permaculture industry. Our work has achieved multiple awards for children’s playgrounds, gardening and waste initiatives. You can see our work published in magazines and leading garden books. We have led professional development and teacher training with horticultural societies and at the 2018 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Growing Green Thumbs and Bonbeach Primary School won the Kevin Heinz Perpetual Award and the Victorian School Garden Award in 2017 for our primary school curriculum program and nature play garden.

Amy and Jade come to you with insurance, Working With Children Checks and a passion for the environment that can’t be beat!

For more information get in touch with us and to dicuss your booking options.