There is nothing quite like eating fresh peas or carrots that you have grown yourself.  Let us take care of your venues garden beds with you or for you.  In this session, your students are provided with everything they need to create a child friendly, edible garden. We will get straight into it! The students will get grubby as we guide them how to plant seedlings and seeds. They will learn how to minimize water use, learn some secret tips for growing healthy, seasonal produce as well as how to harvest appropriately.  Duration: 1-2 hours

VEGETABLE GARDEN BED CONSULTATION – FREE! We highly recommend a review of your garden beds 2 weeks before the GARDEN GURUS session. It is vital that the soil and beds are in great condition so as to gain the best possible learning outcomes for your students’ planting session. This consultation is free of charge. If required, we will provide a quote that will cost any materials and labor to bring your garden bed back to life!

For more information regarding booking options & pricing please get in touch so  we can help custom design your experience with us.