School holiday nature crafts

Working with the kids to help them create a wearable crown on their head had them feeling, smelling and looking at different textures from leaves, sticks, herbs all that were in fresh form but also the wonder that that came when using the same in dried form.

Nature Play Day

  Join Growing Green Thumbs for National Tree Day - Planet Ark with a fun filled morning of kids nature play crown making & recycling! Fill your empty coffee cup and plant a native seedling to take home and enjoy. Gold coin donation. Proudly sponsored by Gardenworld.

MUD makes you happy

MUD Makes you happy! Playing with dirt has many physical, psychological and emotional benefits for children. It builds creativity, can reduce anxiety and stress, builds a connection with nature, creates memories, but most of all, it's FUN!

Play. Grow. Eat. Share

Aims To develop multi-faceted programs where food gardens & natural play structures play a core role in a diverse range of experiences for children and their families. Objectives To establish and nurture a sense of community. Encourage participation, co-operation, communication and creativity. To provide opportunities for kids to re-connect with nature in a meaningful, seasonal, productive … Continue reading Play. Grow. Eat. Share