Recycling waste with kids at school

little wrigglers worm farming - Growing Green Thumbs

Good food starts with good soil. A great lesson in recycling and the biology of compost worms had our classes of 7 yrs olds filled with excitement. As usual we start our sessions with garden mindfulness – a 10 min session of breathing deep to connect our selves to mother earth. We become trees with strong roots that find balance in nature. We find it a very important part of our classes.

garden mindfulness -  Growing Green Thumbs

Establishing a worm farm and compost systems in a primary school is a great chance for everyone to be mindful of the waste we produce that can go back to the earth to help build new soil.  Students learnt what can and can’t be fed to their new worm farms and gain great understanding into the importance of protecting our natural environment.

A poster was placed on their walls along with a compost bucket that they fill daily and take to the worm farm. Such a great effort made by these little super stars who now know to help improve their schools garden bed soils all whilst decreasing their environmental impact.

little wrigglers worm farming - Growing Green Thumbs

little wrigglers worm farming - Growing Green Thumbs

little wrigglers worm farming - Growing Green Thumbs


YUMMY WORM FOOD School classroom compost poster

If you would like a copy of our poster please get in touch and we will send it to you. The more kids that understand the importance of waste the better our environment will be for our future and theirs. The poster is designed around general classroom waste the students will often have.

Junior students love their new responsibility and love to share what they have learnt at home. It’s the little things, a responsibility  can spark conversation and action.


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