Growing Green Thumbs are dedicated to educating children and their families about the origins of food, the relationship we can form with nature and the joys of giving back to the earth by living sustainably.  Our goal is to inspire and build a sustainable future for our kids and the planet through community connections. In a series of interviews, we aim to draw attention to our environment through our community’s best practices.

We caught up with Marlene from Somerville on the Mornington Peninsuala and asked her a few questions about her business, 100 Mile Foodie:  a catering business; cooking school & gourmet preserve business.



100 mile foodie is focused on local, sustainable & ethically farmed food sourced as close to home as possible. I encourage everyone I meet to support local farmers, producers so we can continually have the choice to buy food grown organically & by families that have been farming for generations if we don’t the choice will be gone. Our motto is to source local, sustainable & ethically farmed food as close to home as possible.

I am passionate, determined & strong willed! Everything I think you need to turn a dream into a successful business.

My family was always excited about where our food came from; sitting around the dinner table they would ask if we grew it or where it came from locally. I started 100 mile foodie to encourage other families/business to care about where their food came from, reduce food miles, support Australian grown produce & most importantly ethically farmed.

Stephanie Alexander & Maggie Beer, Australian food industry icons are very inspiring, both spreading the word on improving food for families/children & within aged care.

My business and home is on a 1300 square m block (Same as Hugh from River Cottage started with) we grow mostly in apple crates & raised garden beds with fruit trees, chooks, lots of herbs & chilli’s. Nothing tastes better; I know it’s been grown organically. We eat the food we grow & use it in the business.



My best practices for living more sustainably are composting, buying only sustainable fish/seafood and using fewer plastics.  Growing organically & yes we keep chickens.  There is never enough time to do everything I would love to.

It is always rewarding to see people, especially kids excited to come to 100 mile foodie & enjoy it.  I love to tell people no matter how much space you have just grow enough to enjoy even a small part of your diet organically. If you love green smoothies then grow your own kale & spinach at least you know exactly how it was grown & cared for.


“100 Mile Foodie is an exciting opportunity for me to share my food discoveries, my passions and my joy of using local, sustainable and ethical food & wine available right on my doorstep.”


I think the biggest challenge to all small food businesses like mine is convincing people to buy local, organic and sustainable. The effects is has on the community & also the planet by reducing food miles, we reduce carbon emissions too.


Apart from running a cooking school, catering business & gourmet products range, I run a very large fund-raising event for RUOK? Once a year, at The Long table in Redhill, last year we raised $12.100.00.  100 mile foodie now & again holds a food swap within my community. I am also very passionate about women’s health & will be running an event for Jean Hailes Foundation later this year.



Be passionate about food & wine, how you grow it, where you buy it & how you share it. Food brings people together so prepare it with love using beautiful ingredients sourced locally & it will taste amazing.

Marlene X



Be inspired by recipes, take a cooking class or see more of Marlene & 100 Mile Foodie.

100 Mile Foodie






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