Nature Play Week 2018


Builders & weavers  joined Growing Green Thumbs for a morning of nature play activites to celebrate Nature Play Week 2018.  Kids honed in on their fine motor skills and added aromatic herbs and collected fallen litter to the giant nature weave. The weave was assembled especially for this event, consisting of 2 x 2mt lengths of gum branches that were attached to 3 metal star pickets and rammed into the earth for stability. Stable she was! and adorned with all sorts of curious finds including cut branches for little nature goers to add their name to. 



For those who wanted to build,  a mass of dead tree branches and bamboo poles were used to create a frame base that resembled a tee-pee (or tree-pee as we called it) Lengths of bamboo had been locally harvested and were the perfect light weight addition for kids. Weaves made their way into the walls and doorways came and went over the day.


To see so many kids (and parents) take part in the activity had us wondering……. How many kids actually play outdoors with nature in this way?

The event took place at Bonbeach Farmers’ Market, Melbourne.


About Nature Play Week

In its fifth year, Nature Play Week (NPW) is a signature event that celebrates
initiatives of all shapes and sizes that reconnect kids with nature and the
outdoors. NPW 2017 featured over 150 events put together by more than 70
organisations in Victoria and beyond, and we hope to have a similar response
this year. The week includes unique nature play experiences for kids and
workshops for parents and educators.

The beautiful thing about nature play is that it can be as simple as going to
the local park with a group of friends or neighbours and letting the kids run
free. Nature play isn’t about adults prescribing outdoor activities with rules for
children to follow. Nature play is about taking kids into nature and allowing
them the time, space and freedom to explore, discover, and find wonder in the
natural world. Please be mindful that we share the world with other animals
and remember to act with empathy and respect with the emphasis on

To find more events happening all over the country check out the LIST OF EVENTS and let us know how many you visit during 11-22April 2018.








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