Kids do better outside – get ready to celebrate Nature Play Week


This year, Nature Play Week is blossoming into a wonderfully diverse week of natureplay celebrations across Australia. We’re anticipating a flurry of happy kids playing outside, exploring the world, and developing a connection to nature.

Celebrating Nature Play week just a few days early, we wanted to involve our community & let the kids have some creative nature fun as in conjunction with Nature Play Week & Premiers Active April.

Nature play is a term used to describe the creation of simple play opportunities in the natural environment. Nature play encourages kids and parents to see the natural environment as a place to enjoy, play, imagine, relax and explore.

Growing Green Thumbs Event:

Calling all builders & weavers to join Growing Green Thumbs for a morning of free activities. Tune in to your fine motor skills and add to the giant nature weave or co- build the teepee (tree-pee) using fallen branches and lengths of locally harvested bamboo.

A giant nature weave will be installed for everyone to add a little piece of nature, you may even like to bring your own contribution ie: leaves, grasses, flowers.

For those who want to build, we will be providing a mass of dead tree branches and bamboo poles to create a communal teepee. You are welcome to decorate this also with flowers and leaves.

All will be taking place near the playground at 29-63 Breeze Street, Bonbeach. Melbourne VIC Australia.  No need to book this free event.



About Nature Play Week

In its fifth year, Nature Play Week (NPW) is a signature event that celebrates
initiatives of all shapes and sizes that reconnect kids with nature and the
outdoors. NPW 2017 featured over 150 events put together by more than 70
organisations in Victoria and beyond, and we hope to have a similar response
this year. The week includes unique nature play experiences for kids and
workshops for parents and educators.

The beautiful thing about nature play is that it can be as simple as going to
the local park with a group of friends or neighbours and letting the kids run
free. Nature play isn’t about adults prescribing outdoor activities with rules for
children to follow. Nature play is about taking kids into nature and allowing
them the time, space and freedom to explore, discover, and find wonder in the
natural world. Please be mindful that we share the world with other animals
and remember to act with empathy and respect with the emphasis on

How did the idea come about and who is behind it?
Kids in Nature Network wanted to create a shared platform to celebrate and
empower all the great initiatives that are happening around the state and
beyond that reconnect kids with nature and the outdoors. We thought a
special day or event would be a nice way to create that momentum. With that
very basic idea in mind, in November 2013, we extended an open invitation to
organisations and individuals in the network to a meeting. The result of that
co-creation is Nature Play Week. You can find the full concept document on
the Nature Play Week website under Resources and Links.
Nature Play Week was a finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2016, a
winner of the People’s Choice Award 2016 (awarded by Sustainability Victoria)
and a winner of the Event of the Year 2017 Award of Excellence for Victoria/
Tasmania (awarded by Park and Leisure Australia).
Nature Play Week is facilitated by Kids in Nature Network and is proudly
supported by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the
Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. The week is a part of Premier’s Active April.


Go to the website and find great activities taking place all over the country!  NATURE PLAY WEEK 



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