Autumn Festival Nature Crafts

Finding magic in a garden is something everyone can do but when it is done with hand crafted nature crowns, wands and weaves it is even better!  Let their imaginations go wild as they explore the world beneath their feet and collect materials needed to create  nature crafts. Parents have a great time joining in with their children too.

Playing with nature and creating magical things, opens the mind to the world beneath our feet, leading to rich discusions about the earth, trees, plants and wildlife.

Through play, we naturally learn to care for the environment and support children to become environmentally responsible.

We visited Glen Eira’s festival this week, introducing the basics of nature play to children and their families.

Kids immersed themselves in a the rush of autumn leaves that filled our tent all day long as the wind provided us with everything needed to create masks, wands, crowns, weaves and boats.

IMAGINATION was the key word of the day.

All photos were taken at City of Glen Eira’s Party in the Park Festival 2018.


To discuss having Growing Green Thumbs at your event, festival, school or early learning facility,  please get in contact. 

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