Lemonade Fun

Get the kids excited about fresh fruit and get them in the kitchen making lemonade.

Always harvest what you can from the garden or ask a neighbour, we’re sure they would be happy to trade a few lemons for an icy cold cup of homemade lemonade.

We made lemonade for an end of term class with great success. Kids who had never tried homemade lemonade before were a little unsure if they would like the flavour.. but after  rolling the lemons in their hands to release the fragrance they started to come around to the idea. We then cut the lemons in half, looked inside at the shapes and counted pips. Taking it in turns to squeeze the juice on a hand juicer and then measured our liquids.

lemon slices



1 cup of water

1 cup of caster sugar  (it looks a lot, but when you average 50 cups of cordial, it’s a very minor amount per serve)

1 cup of fresh lemon juice (about 6 lemons)

Gently bring to the boil the liquids until the sugar disolves, stiring constantly so it doesn’t stick. Place to the side and allow to cool. This is now lemon cordial.

Take your cups, fill with ice and use 2 table spoons of the lemon cordial, fill with water and DRINK! add a mint leaf for extra colour and something to munch on. You could add fresh berries or even a small sprig of rosemary for extra flavours.

You can store unused cordial in the fridge for 3 days or so.

Lemonade Fun was the title given by the kids, who enjoyed making & drinking it in class today. Big thanks to Mrs. Jennings for making today so much fun! Without lemons from her tree we would have just had icy water 🙂

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