There is nothing better than harvesting your own food that you have grown! This year we worked with grades 2,3 and 4 for a term at Bonbeach Primary School, Melbourne, during winter and the beginning of spring. For 1 hour a week we met with students and learnt how to grow food and everything in between, from caterpillar hunts, cabbage moth catching, organic pest control methods, composting and worm biology.


Grade 3 and 4 spent an afternoon of harvesting their late winter crops with squeels of delight when pulling up carrots. Curly, bent and twisted the carrots were a favorite! Not to mention beetroots, lettuce, spring onions, broccoli, cauliflower and peas.

Students planted a sunflower seed & pea seed in a recycled coffee cup to take home and nurture. Kids are now seeing the effects of what water, warmth and air can do to a seed. It Grows! When growing food can be done at home in a small container, the message of growing your own food stays with them longer than just a class at school.

Maintaining their crops was done with pride and proved to be very successful with a great harvest of different types of foods. Students picked caterpillars from their brassica plants and even hatched a cabbage moth! They sang songs to their beetroots.


Once a week for 9 weeks, students learnt in the garden under the school’s science curriculum. They learnt how to use tools safely, the life cycle of worms, life cycle of seeds, organic pest control, life cycle of cabbage moths, planting methods, companion planting  and were tested at the end.  Written by Growing Green Thumbs, the program was enjoyed by students and teachers.

As always a big thank you to Scotsburn Nursery for providing the school with seedlings! and the secret deliveries of seedlings that appear every term from a very special lady  called  ‘nonna’ !



Happy growing, harvesting and eating.

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