Vegepod + Strawberries = YUM


Vegepod is hands down the best way to grow strawberries! If you have grown strawberries with a success rate of ho hum…. have a go at growing in a Vegepod. This spring we decided to fill our pod with mixed varieties of strawberries and have had amazing success. Firstly because of the mesh cover, it keeps those little red gems safe from birds, bugs and kids with curious fingers. Secondly because of the inbuilt wicking system where the plants draw water from below the soil not from a top watering system.

Growing Green Thumbs - Vegepod

Heavy rain fall proved not to be a concern as the pod has a built in water flow level with excess water draining out so there is no chance of drowing the plants.

A shade cloth dome cover keeps everything inside nice and safe but also protects from harsh winds and extreme sun which can burn the plants. Our pod is a large size on a stand making it the perfect height for little kids to see right in front of them. It would also be an ideal grow system for persons who cannot bend down.

Growing Green Thumbs

Strawberries grown organically from home or in our case a school garden, smell 10 times better than store bought, are organic (no pesticides) bug free and taste amazing! sweet, juicy and delicious. Our pod is harvested once a week at the moment (December Summer)  producing around 30-40 ripe berries per harvest, which is plenty for a whole class to share. Everyone gets excited when the Vegepod lid comes off and it’s strawberry harvest time!


Soil preparation for the pod was quite easy with a mix of good quality potting soil and home made compost. Once a fornight it is watered with an organic brew of worm wee liquid.

Growing Green Thumbs


Growing Green Thumbs

Growing Green Thumbs



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