Nature Play with Maggie Dent

Building Nature play spaces for schools and children doesnt have to be a daunting experience. Sometimes the hardest part is where to start! Pick up a shovel, get hold of some logs or old tyres, a bucket, some mud and just go with the flow, the kids will show you what they want if you give them a few tools to inspire their imagination.

Inspiring kids and their schools to get out and have a go at building and creating a space made for nature play, you can find our garden featured in ‘Nature Play’ with Maggie Dent on her website.

The garden at Bonbeach Primary School was created for the children by watching what they did. We followed their lead and provided the tools for them to create their own nature play based garden. It is an ever changing space as the children play, make their own games and put together little corners made from found objects.

If you are about to create a space for kids to engage with nature, make sure you visit Maggie Dent’s website where you can find a great collaboration of schools who have done just that, created spaces for kids to engage with one another in a natural space. Money does not have to play a big focus on the project at all! Nature is free!

There are lots of inspiring schools on this page, well worth a visit if you are about to undetake a nature inspired play based garden for children.


mud kitchen play


recycled chicken coop


nature weaving

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