Creating imagination spaces for kids

Over the past few weeks we have been busy working with a group of kids at Bonbeach Primary School. Many discussions were had about plant life cycles  with a focus on pollination and flowers so it was understood that the flowers have a purpose and are not there just to look pretty.

The students needed a flower garden that could be used for creative ways, like perfume potions, snail salads, head crowns and bouquets for the teachers.

Grade 2 students were encouraged to plant flower seedlings and seeds in a dedicated area to create a flower garden just for them – and yes to be picked.  If they proved they could nurture and care for their plants, in return we would purchase some bird houses or similar for them to add to their flower garden. Lunchtimes developed into a little flower club ranging from Prep to 6!

Weeks went by and the flower garden was being nurtured, soon becoming a fairy garden that included a gym, a cafe, movie cinema, library. A whole fairy city had been created.

Our friends at the Chelsea Men’s Shed were delighted to make some little houses from recycled timber for the flower garden. Grade 6 students assisted in attaching the houses to stakes. The preps dug holes for the stakes, and of course the Grade 2 took charge as foremen and directed them where to go.

To see friendship circles across the year levels forming over flowers and faeries and the sharing of houses and flowers. . We decided to install a couple of letterboxes to encourage literacy via letter writing – bringing more imagination into the garden.

Today, Fairy Fushia replied after she discovered a letter during her flying lessons!




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