Mushroom Growing Challenge

Welcome to the Mushroom State of Origin.

Nothing like a mushroom growing challenge to get kids excited about growing food! Join us and other schools around Australia for a mushroom growing challenge.

Junction Park State School in QLD and Cudgee Valley Public School in NSW and Bonbeach Primary School in Vic all share the vision of creating an edible food garden for kids, we share and learn together, and this week it’s a freaky fungus competition via instagram.

Follow our friends @jpss_kitchengardenproject and @cudgeeschoolgardenclub and join in if you have a mushroom kit too! Game on!

Thanks to B-Alternative and Lifecykel for the supply of our mushroom kit.

If you head over to them make sure you let them know you are joining in The Fungi Games with us.

Life Cykel’s Home Grown Mushroom Boxes can be ordered  by your local school or community group with the added bonus of selling as a fundraiser. Why not get your whole community on board and join #theFUNGIgames

Let the FUN-GI games begin!

A few days into the challenge we are overwhelmed at the response of people wanting to join in.There has been a few developments happening behind the scenes since then. Big YAYS! Make sure you hang around for some exciting news. In the meantime use the CODE ‘FUNGIGAMES’ for 15% your mushroom boxes.

With this being said we are looking for a corporate sponsor to join the games (just thought we’d mention it in case there is someone out there who has a passion for food education and sustainability – there are thousands of kids out there with high fives waiting for you.) get in touch via the contact page.

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