Give a child a responsibility….

Sometimes you come across a child who shows loads of enthusiasm! Alicia, a grade 6 student of Bonbeach Primary School, has recently promoted herself to the task of caring for her school chickens – which we are eternally gratefull for as she says she will clean the coop, no complaints there. Leadership in schools requires a lot of courage and when it is taking on the responsibility of caring for animals, the leadership must be done correctly. Our new chicken monitor shows great skills in caring for the chickens and gently guides other students to care for them with her. She shows the younger students how to feed them, give fresh water & clean the bowls, collect eggs, hold them and most importantly how to enjoy the quiet time. The role is one that offers a student an important job to do, they are a leader, a responsible care taker and someone to be looked up to.

At first, our chicken monitor was a little distressed about the way our 3 remaining feathered friends were looking, so she researched a few health issues they may be having and shared this knowledge with other students. Now in the process of researching chicken varieties she would like to introduce to the coop. Our last 3 ladies have faired us well and been amazing at dealing all the kids and handling, but we think their time too, is coming as they have almost given up laying eggs.  Yes they squark a lot more than they did a few a years ago, we put it down to being a cranky old age.



Hi, I’m Alicia, the chicken monitor at Bonbeach Primary School. I take care of the chickens and check for eggs, I’ve been on the job a few days now and so far and so far I have found 5 eggs. We have three chickens at BPS at the moment all of which are sadly nearing the end of their lives. Out of the three chickens, my favorite is the one with white neck feathers and a flaking crown which is the red bit on a chickens head, this chicken I like is the oldest of the 3. The chicken which I’m least fond of is the one which is very pecked because she doesn’t like being held like the other 2 do. Because our chickens are getting old we’re thinking of getting some more the types I want are chicks because they are so cute and fluffy but also some black and white ones because the ones we have at the moment are brown.

On Friday’s I’ve decided to clean the coop weekly. I go into the coop every lunchtime with a couple of other kids to check for eggs and keep the chickens company. I stay in the coop all play.

I’ve learned that the reason chickens heads don’t move when you move their body is because since chickens can’t move their eyes they have to turn their heads and if their head is moved every time their body’s did the world would be blurred for them.
I find it really fun to be the chicken monitor because I love animals and chickens are no exception.
By Alicia E

grade 6.








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