potato stamping for easter

Sometimes kids love to get a little messy. Introducing new materials to them can be lots of fun, especially when it is something they would normally associate with eating. Potatoes are a great alternative for getting kids to think outside the usual craft medias.


You will need good solid spuds to make a stamp and the cleaner the better, so make sure you wash them. We were lucky enough to be gifted this lot of potato stamps for Easter but I can’t help imagine how much fun it would be to go out into the veggie patch and harvest your own potatoes. Mess equals creativity in my books and the more mess they make the more involved they are getting. To see them completely create on their own without instructions or rules, the best art works are made.




The table was laid in newspaper to allow for paint splatter, a paint tray or recycled containers for paint & waters and a good handful of brushes. A quick instruction to paint onto the cut surface of potato and then press firmly onto paper and we were on our way to a fun afternoon of potato stamping.

Celery is another vegetable that stamps well and is on our list for next time. Ask the kids what else they think would be a great stamping vegetable or fruit. It makes for a great discussion about food.


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