School holiday nature crafts

Kids got to experience a little bit of fun with nature, making nature inspired Fairy Crowns and Wands. The workshop aimed at kids aged 3-5yrs was held at the beautiful Apsendale Garden Community centre where our workshop was highlighted as a holiday must do! Parents joined in as they always find it calming to get closer with the things we often take for granted.


Working with the kids to help them create a wearable crown on their head had them feeling, smelling and looking at different textures from leaves, sticks, herbs all that were in fresh form but also the wonder that that came when using the same in dried form.


We stuck our leaves and organic matter to cardboard and created beautiful crowns, tiaras and then explored the different types of sticks that could could be turned in wands. Yes, there was a lot of us being turned in to FROGS 🙂 Their imaginations are the key ingredient to making their own wearable costumes. Every child creates differently. The difference between them all is wonderful to see with the use of organic nature matter and how they place it. Some only chose the fresh herbs and leaves as they loved the smell, whilst some loved the roughness and organic shapes and forms of the dried version. Some only like to draw or chose to use cardboard cutouts, which was something new to this workshop.


The workshop finished with a few different games inspired by their new crowns and wands.

Take the kids for a walk and collect as many sticks and dried leaves as you can, you be surprised what you find when you start looking.



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