Nude Food = Healthy Body + Healthy Planet


Bonbeach Primary School celebrated Nude Food Day on the 28th October. Students were asked to bring Nude Food in their lunchbox and discuss what happens to rubbish. Where does it go? How is it stored? Is any of it used again? What happens to rubbish that is thrown on the ground?

Talking about having a Nude Food Day also got the kids thinking about what to put in their lunchboxes. They realized that  a Nude Food lunchbox would contain healthier food options. Some decided yoghurt from a large tub at home put into a smaller tub saved rubbish or having lots of fruit and veg was not only healthier but came with without wrappers. Some still liked the idea of having chips in their lunchbox but thought that putting some in a container from a big bag was a good idea as it was a good amount of chips without the extra rubbish. Making these choices themselves gave them a great sense of achievement as they were saving on rubbish but also including healthier choices was a great choice for healthier bodies.


It is almost impossible to get rid of chip packets entirely from a school so we decided that the best way to use it up and  keep it clear of the bin was to turn the packets into SHRINKIES!  It is such a great way to use up all the rubbish that would otherwise go into landfill and they are fun!


It’s a bit of a ‘thing’ to have keyrings on your schoolbag, so we have turned all their rubbish chip/popcorn packets into shrinkie keyrings! These cool little rubbish tags are now given as a prize at the end of each week at assembly to those who show great initiative in reducing our schools waste by bringing  wrapper free lunchboxes.

Students collect all the empty packets and put them in a box at the office – collecting rubbish and identifying it. This project is soon to become part of our campaign for 3 FOR THE SEA  Hopefully we will run out of Shrinkie prizes to give away sooner rather than later – it will mean that Nude Food is becoming a daily routine for everyone.




Not only do the kids get a shrinkie, but with the kind generosity from NUDE FOOD MOVERS we also have a stack of drink bottles and lunchboxes to hand out to those who want to jump on board and get their Food Nude! Yes, they need to work for it – by collecting rubbish 🙂 The idea to get them actively thinking about rubbish and healthier food choices is a big win for everyone at Bonbeach PS.


Our official Nude Food Day became a competition with the class who brought the most Nude Food for lunch that day  (or least amount of wrappers) was to win a cooking session in the garden. To be able to give back to the kids who showed great initiative we thought best way to give back was to cook a few fresh garden pizzas with them using fresh ingredients straight form the garden.


Students of Junior Evans grade 2 will get to enjoy a cooking session in the garden with us later in the year. We will be making fresh garden pizza’s! with all our freshly grown produce mmmm… yum yum 🙂



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