Garden Adventure’s with Growing Green Thumbs


Growing Green Thumbs aim to provide every child an experience they will never forget. Through play, kids and their friends got closer to nature and enjoyed losing their imagination in a supervised outdoor area. Garden Adventures are set in the beautiful organic gardens of Bonbeach  in a 2 hour workshop to allow kids to be kids and get up close and personal with nature.

We started the workshop with a mindfulness stretch where we stand tall, breathe deep and grow our arms into tree branches and our legs become tree roots, grounding the kids into nature.

We got creative! No adventure is complete without a nature crown, so we gathered our nature crafts and created a hat to wear for the workshop. Each child was provided an apron and gloves to keep them clean-ish.



Time to get a little grubby with their fine motor skills and curiosities taking hold and planting sunflower seeds in recycled biodegrade pots to take home and grow.


Free range sessions allowed the children to explore their natural environment without boundaries, creating confidence and building resilience through good old fashioned play! They all ran wild and explored the beautiful organic garden.


We went on a mini beast safari for those who loved a bug hunt or if chickens took their fancy they entered the chicken coop and fed them. They got hopping on the hopscotch & tried to find a frog in the frog bog.


Kids enjoyed a feast of nourishing food from Natures Nosh and had lots of fun just being kids!


For more information about booking a Garden Adventure Workshop head over to our website HERE


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