Seed Bombs – connecting kids with nature

Creating seed bombs is such a fun experience for kids. Getting grubby and making a mess while learning about preserving nature for future generations to come. Growing Green Thumbs held a spring holiday workshop to get kids into nature and allow them to let go of their everyday and enjoy a morning of getting really grubby! (we did have aprons and gloves but they didn’t last long)

Little people put their fine motor skills into play while pushing and grasping clay, squashing in compost and rolling in the seeds to create little balls full of nature ready to come to life. You will find our recipe below.


making seed bombs


making seed bombs


compost and sunflower heads for seeds


Using seeds that were saved and collected over the seasons from our garden, kids were able to help regenerate their own gardens at home & watch an explosion of vegetables, flowers and herbs come to life through spring and summer.


seed bomb


The session proved that any age could get involved with aged 3 making lots of mess and the 10yr olds getting extremely dirty and absolutely loving it! The connection between dirt, nature and people is always such a fascinating process to watch. People tend to hesitate at first and wear gloves but it doesn’t take long for them to get right into it, ditch the gloves and totally immerse themselves.


enjoying mud between their fingers



small handful of compost

2cm cube of air drying clay per bomb  (available at most craft stores)


and choice of garden seeds (we used sunflowers, fennel, parsley, oregano, poppy, nasturtiums, broccoli)


take all the above ingredients and combine them together really squishing and kneading it until it forms a ball that holds together. It is important not to use too much clay otherwise it will harden and not break down in the dirt once thrown. Using water as you go to help moisten the clay and make it more pliable. Roll into balls the size of a golf ball and set aside to dry for a few days.

Clay powder can be use but we found that working with the textured clay was easier for little fingers to manage and lots more fun. Some made little clay snails and worms to add to their lot.

Allow to dry and then fling them into your garden, roadside or wherever you would like to see a little bit of nature pop up.


decorating recycled egg cartons


seed bombs

After creating seed bombs and placing them in a recycled egg carton the kids decorated their boxes and allowed the seed bombs to dry. A free range session followed and had kids hunting broad beans like needles in a haystack followed with squeals of delight when they saw them. Peas were eaten off the vines along with mint and parsley and broccoli stalks were  picked and bundled to take home for dinner with a few fresh eggs added to the bounty.



eating peas straight form the garden



chicken loving

Chickens were loved and cuddled after being taught how to handle them. The chooks were fed some greens from the chicken feed patch and a few  delicious slaters and snails for a special treat.


A great day of getting outdoors and connecting with nature!


x Amy & Jade

Growing Green Thumbs


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