Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Food Revolution Day was back bigger than ever this year! Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is a global day of action for people everywhere to celebrate real food, where it comes from, and how to cook it. It’s a day to come together to keep cooking skills alive, improve our food knowledge and share it with others.



Woolworths Chelsea were on board from the word “Jamie Oliver” and donated 90% of the fresh produce required for the day. Spring onions were grown by garden club students in the lead up to the event.

We are lucky enough to work closely with the amazing Maddie Race, Food Revolution day Ambassador for Melbourne, who hosted the cook along with all the kids. She started off by getting the kids excited to answer questions about fresh foods and how good they make us feel! Education is key, and we’re not just making food, we are teaching science in action, helping with basic maths skills, reading and time telling skills, encouraging healthy food choices and building confidence and creativity and also enhancing communication and friendships between students. It’s a privilege to help create an experience for students of making meals and to build their self-confidence to be able to re-create it at home.

Our recipe for the day was Jamie Oliver’s best pasta salad. A step by step recipe
was given to each group along with the ingredients. Senior students teamed up with Junior students to ensure everyone was capable of creating a delicious lunch, dairy and gluten free alternatives were available so every student was included.
AND the whole school smashed it! 300 kids made their very own pasta salad all at once, they sang, they danced, they ate and loved every minute of it!
There were new veggies tasted, kids covered in squashed tomatoes, salad dressing dance “shake off’s”, but best of all, full bellies, new skills and sore faces from laughing so much. Ed Sheeran’s Food revolution rap was played over the speakers as well as shake it off for the shaking of the salad dressing.

To all the AMAZING MUMs who helped cook, wash, chop, prepare, serve, shop, pour, measure, organise & sweep for FOOD REVOLUTION! It would not of been possible without you all! To all the mums, dads & carers we know you would have loved to be there and we thank you for sending your kids with tea towels and rolling pins! It was a HUGE SUCCESS and we can’t wait to share it with the man himself Jamie Oliver!

We love creating healthy habits and inspiring kids to cook!

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