Nature Play Week – getting back to nature


Nature Play Week at Bonbeach Primary School was a hugely successful day of dirt, bugs, searching, creating, wearing, playing and laughter. It was an absolute joy to see so many families turn up for the free event in our garden. Little hands enjoyed making nature crowns with collected leaves, twigs, gumnuts, gasses and acorns and proudly wore them around all day. Seed bombs proved to be a little tricky but once the clay was in hands and got the right squishing technique happening the amount of balls that were made was enough to create a new forest. Mini Beast Safari’s took on a whole new level of searching on knees & hands  looking for everything on their list. A ride on the bus took everyone from the beach to the moon with keen bus drivers at the wheel (log stump) Nature Weaving slowed down hurried minds and allowed kids to go slow and become totally immersed in the gentle activity of weaving grasses and bark. Nature Hunt Bracelets adorned little wrists with feathers, gumnuts & found leaf litter. Mud Pies were baked in The Dirt Pit along with cupcakes and served up to parents for lunch.

Providing a place for kids to play that is safe with the oppertunity to go slow, get back to basics and just be a kid was all that we wished for at Growing Green Thumbs Nature Play Day.  Seeing families connect with each other, play together & enjoy the acivites opened our eyes a little, that these kinds of things are not always easy for families to do at home. We look forward to bringing more nature events to our community in the future and hope that it inspires kids and their families to get out doors more often and look for the bugs under rocks, go for a nature hunt, dig in the dirt and just get back to playing in nature.

Kids In Nature Network provided the base for us to create an amazing day out and we were thrilled to share fun, natural, play structures with our community. Pop over to Nature Play Week to see lots more events that took place all over Victoria celebrating Nature Play!

A big Thank You to everyone who came and played with us!

x Jade & Amy



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