A visit to Mansfield Steiner School


A visit to Mansfield Steiner School held us in oar as we spent a day in this most beautiful of places. We went on a tour, and we are so glad that we did! This garden is an inspiration!Lucky enough to have a family member, Pat Dowling show us around. He is one very passionate Garden & Grounds Coordinator at Mansfield Steiner School  & we soaked up every bit of information he gave us.

It’s evident right from the gate, the passion and love that fills this garden. Walking through the grounds, you may see a window sill lined with fresh eggs, a bench seat filled with fresh pumpkins, or vases of foliage straight from the patch. Scarecrows and nature play structures surround the garden and the peaceful vibe takes over as your roam and absorb all the beauty.

Students have a 1m x1m patch of their own choice nestled amongst the larger beds, divided with broken bricks and pavers. Its amazing to see choices such as avocado trees, chilli’s and borage to attract bees to their own little patches. 

Happy kids learn everything they need to know to grow, harvest and prepare fresh, seasonal produce as well as creating meals by maintaining organic vegetable gardens. We came home with some amaranth seeds to grow, while the cook at Mansfield Steiner is currently harvesting hers to incorporate into beautiful healthy fresh baked breads.
With such a large garden, it was interesting to see several beds were being replenished with green manure, while others have portable chicken tractors over the top for a season.


While they are only a few hours away, the comparisons with pests differs greatly! Garlic garden beds are netted off from cocky’s which are not a problem in our little patch! The pumpkin patches were as far as the eye could see, with hundreds on pumpkins carefully hidden under the leaves is when the real jealously set in, we only have enough space for a pumpkin that gave us about 6 beauties for the season, still enough to have a soup day soon!


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