article – YUM GlutenFree Mag

Sharing our story with YUM. GlutenFree Magazine Australia.


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Tell us a bit about your involvement with the school garden? We are 2 mums with children at the school and have a passion for just getting grubby and teaching what we learn along the way. We are both very passionate about what our school garden has become over the past 2 yrs and the hours that have been voluntarily spent to create it – it has been very much a labour of love.  We continue to learn as our interest in permaculture leads our vision and pushes us in the direction of sharing our experiences with others by studying and connecting with like minded people.

We both have young families & being able to do what we love in school hours works really well. Volunteering around 20hrs each a week with time spent being after school drop off and pick up so our job doesn’t get in the way of caring for our families (ok sometimes it does, when we forget to lock the chickens way and one of us has to do a midnight run to the coop before the foxes come)   ……continue reading the article here

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