here we go…….

The start of something good!

We are 2 very enthusiastic school mums (some might say a little crazy) we spend our days volunteering at our children’s primary school in Bonbeach.  It has been just over two and a half years creating an outdoor kitchen garden at Bonbeach Primary School in Melbourne, Australia. We share our gardening enthusiasm with parents, students and our wider community, learning along the way as we grow fruit, vegetables and flowers whilst making it fun to play outdoors in a sustainable environment. Tee-pees, sensory gardens, nature play structures & workshops, worm farms, veggie patches, fruit orchards, community plots, frog bogs  are just a few of the outdoor experiences we have created.

We  have written many published articles which tell our story of getting kids back to basics with our believe that every child should have access to outdoor play, growing food and cooking it. Food Allergies play a large role in our cooking with kids as all our recipes are customized so that every child is included. We believe fresh is best and have just been nominated to represent  Nude Food as Ambassadors ( Yay! )

This blog is our journey so far (we’ll back date as much as we can) but ultimately it is a place for us to share our days and our forthcomings with the world.

A diary has been kept since our start at Bonbeach PS BPS Green Thumbs

Now in the process of writing a programme for schools, kindergartens, childcare centres & community groups to share what we have learnt along the way, the walls we have hit when it comes to funding options, the  kids lives we have changed and all the fun along the way.

Wish us luck as we now spread our wings further than our little garden oasis at Bonbeach Primary School.

x Amy & Jade

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