Play. Grow. Eat. Share


  • To develop multi-faceted programs where food gardens & natural play structures play a core role in a diverse range of experiences for children and their families.


  • To establish and nurture a sense of community.
  • Encourage participation, co-operation, communication and creativity.
  • To provide opportunities for kids to re-connect with nature in a meaningful, seasonal, productive and satisfying way.
  • To educate our community about the benefits of, and to provide access to, healthy foods and sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.


  • Healthier, happier and more engaged children, teachers and parents.
  • A greater sense of community.
  • Enhanced and balanced programmes which encourage the often neglected characteristics of patience, hard work, team-work and perseverance moving away from the instant gratification society we live in.
  • Dramatically improved appeal and access to fresh fruits and vegetables for all children, regardless of their background.


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